Monday, January 31, 2011

I think I fried my lungs

Ok so today after reading the tip of the day I decided to do my interval training.........outside.......YES OUTSIDE. I llayered up and started with a slow pace, not so bad, but I got about 15 minutes in and I thought my lungs were on fire. and I was thinking not the best idea I ever had. But I did finish with joy in my heart...and fire in my lungs, and boogers in my nose(as my son so nicely pointed out as I came in the door) I came to work tonight and it looks like I might have to stay at the hospital because of call ins and the snow storm...That sucks because I an going to have to forage for somewhat healthy food....Which is a joke because the main staple in the cafeteria is grilled cheese( I forgot my lunch bag at home) You would think there woukl be more healthy choices in a hospital cafeteria, unless they are trying to drum up some business? :)


  1. Becky, tried to post once, I will try again!

    Big BIG congrats to you for braving the elements and running outside. No easy feet in the dead of winter. Good for you!!!!

    My big question for you: how did you feel right before you went outside to run, and how did you feel when you re-entered the house when you were done?

    Hope you drove safely to the hospital and that you didn't have to eat too much junk during your shift(s).

    Be safe going home!

  2. Lungs on fire? Yep, sounds like you did it right! Congrats Becky!

  3. Nice run, girly! Totally earned yourself some bragging rights!!