Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week one down

So 1 week complete. I can only hope this next week is as good as week one. I went to get groceries after the meeting yesterday and cooked this weeks food and packaged it up and it is just waiting for me to eat. I did this last week too and it worked out really well. I decided that I would try some pumpkin cookies that I found a recipe for....No sugar you use maple syrup to sweeten them and almond flour instead of all purpose flour.......I think I am going to have to say they would be a trigger food because this morning they are GONE!! Any way they were real good and I have to say I don't feel as bad as if I were to eat a whole box of oreos :) I hope everyone has a GREAT week


  1. Way to go, Becky, with the preparation for week 2 ! Sorry I missed everyone at the meeting this week at PRF - see you next week though!

  2. Becky way to go on the shopping & prepping - you are ready!

  3. Good job getting all ready! You just might have to share that pumpkin cookie recipe. I found a paleo cookie recipe but haven't tried it yet. It looks like a lot of calories. Yes, those cookies sound yummy. Pass that recipe along, girl. :)