Sunday, November 6, 2011


   So it's been almost a year since I have posted anything on my blog, and since I have been so  preoccupied with thoughts of why I can't seem to get it together, I thought I would get back to basics and pour out my guts. I think a lot about when I first started the Bridging the Wellness Gap program and how motivated I was to get healthy, lose weight, get balanced, etc....I did have success, I felt better physically, mentally I felt like I could really keep this lifestyle up no problem. Fast forward 11 months laterand here I am in the same place that I was when I started. Feeling like crap, physically, mentally and sporting a muffin top. I can't help but ask why I do this time and time again. Start eating healthy, losing a little weight, feeling better, and BOOM! sabatage myself right back to my old ways. I can't really blame anyone but me, sure I could say life gets in the way, or that I don't care. Obviously I care or I would not be sitting here writing this post :) As far as the excuse that life gets in the way...It does there is no denying that but I guess it is a matter of how I handle life getting in the way that counts the most. I have not been holding myself accountable for myself. I often think why is that so hard? I wish I knew the answer to that question?????? Anyway so I have decided that I have to come up with a plan to get back in the swing and make myself a healthier person. Because I am worth it

    So here is the plan......I am only going to eat whole foods. That means no processed meals, no burger king, no mcdonalds and no pizza hut.(you get the idea)
I am going to make it a point to move everyday, even if it is just a walk.
I am going to be mindful of my actions.
I will meditate at least 3 times a week
I will pray to God daily
I will have an attitude of gratitude.

So stay tuned and see what happens, I am also going to try and keep blogging.....I think it helps to spill your guts from time to time :)

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. Corinthians 10:31

Till next time
Peace Out!

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  1. Becky, ditto, ditto, ditto! I'm right there with you and am beginning again. I am sitting here wondering why don't I believe in myself? I've restarted my blog as well and am putting a plan together too. I think as I read your post and I write this. That's the key....we always need to have a plan, just like we do with anything in life. We make lists to go to the store, to-do lists of "life that get's in the way"...we just have to continue to put "us" on that list and keep our intentions for healthier 'us'. peace ` shawna